3 Reasons why digital marketing can be so effective

Digital Marketing changes how Marketers perform strategy, implementation, and monitoring of marketing campaigns. The concept used in this workshop is using TCEO framework that can give an explanation to understand digital marketing from the big picture. Marketing activities aim to retain consumers and stimulate sales. With the existence of digital communication and its tools, help marketers to connect and build long-term relationships with consumers, and create demand. In the meantime, perhaps you need to visit and hire the licensed digital marketing service to help your business.

3 fundamental reasons why digital marketing is so powerful:

1. Target consumers can be divided into segmentation in a precision, even can identify up to the current location and interaction with the brand just done. In other words, messages can be personalized, according to the consumer segment.

2. With digital, almost everything can be measured, for example, every click that consumers do every minute can be counted. In addition, with digital help, marketers can see how each campaign performs, which channels are most profitable, and where they should be focused.

3. People Power. In the digital world, the interaction is 2 directions and cannot be directed by the brand. This can be advantageous for companies to gain insight into the needs and wants of consumers so that goods and services can be tailored to the needs and desires.


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