Causes of Leak Condom

When two condoms are used at once, the two layers will rub against each other during penetration, creating friction. As a result, the condom material is worn and easily torn, or even loosely loosened from the penis. Most reports of condoms leaking or pregnancy that occur despite condom use are the result of improper or ineffective use, and not in terms of product quality. Condoms are also likely to be more easily damaged or torn when exposed to excessive heat or used when almost expired. To get the best quality condoms, you can buy condoms at our website.

If used properly, condoms can be very effective in preventing HIV transmission through penetrating, oral, or anal sex. Condoms are also effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies of up to 98%, as well as some sexually transmitted infections, including bacterial infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and syphilis. Using condoms during intercourse decreases women’s risk of cervical cancer, HPV-related diseases. Consistent condom use can also help the people involved to avoid HPV infection and/or significantly reduce the risk of recurrent infections.

Tips on choosing a good condom are as follows:

Make sure you buy a good quality condom and use only one condom at a time. Do not worry about condom material that looks thin. Condoms that are sold freely in the market have been through various tests and strict medical tests on the strength and effectiveness of the product before it goes on sale. To prove it, you can try to blow a condom like a balloon, and then fill it full with water. Unless the condom is defective, stabbed before, or depressed, it will not break. If you really want double protection, combine the use of condoms with other types of contraception. Condoms can be used together with pills or hormone patches.

Here are some reasons that encourage you to use condoms:

1. Self-protection. When used correctly and consistently protects against sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

2. Family Planning. One of the safest trusted options to prevent pregnancy let alone today people are experiencing baby booming.

3. Everyone can wear and no side effects.

4. Safe. Latex condoms are not pores as has been proven in laboratory studies. Can prevent the exchange of body fluids. You do not have to worry about leaking.

5. Sexy. Can be durable, so it can increase the satisfaction in sex


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