Chasing away the mosquitos from your home

How to keep the house is not much next mosquito that is by maintaining cleanliness. Get used every day to sweep and mop the entire room of your house. Do not miss the corners of the room, and under the table, chairs, beds and so forth. Clean the leaves – leaves that accumulate in the bottom of your ornamental plant pots to avoid being used as a mosquito breeding. During the rainy season check every day your ornamental pot plants. If there is a puddle, then immediately dispose of. In the meantime, don’t forget to contact London pest control, if you want to hire an experienced pest control service, especially if the problem has become too severe.

Avoid Clothing Storage By Hanging It

Many people often get used to and cultivate this one bad habit. When finished wearing clothes or jacket should save well. For clothing such as shirts and shirts, you should put them directly in a dirty laundry to reduce the volume of clothing that might be hanged.

For a jacket or jeans may be hung, but still must note the volume should not be too much. It is used to prevent the nesting of mosquitoes in the area around hanging clothes


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