Eating Pizza, Using Hands or Using Forks and Knives?

Because it is often enjoyed when relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, apparently Italian people often enjoy pizza by eating it directly by hand. Site Etiquette Scholarpun argues that pizza served as an appetizer or an opener can be enjoyed directly by hand. Pieces of triangle pizza eaten by folding it in the middle. Pizzanya directed to the front of the mouth, then eaten starting from the smallest corner. This method is believed to make the pizza more enjoyable to eat. Especially when the crisp dough is chewed with tomato base sauce, plus various toppings and melted cheese.

Then how to eat it with a knife and fork? This method is justified, especially if the pizza served in a formal atmosphere, for example during a business meeting. Enjoying pizza with cutlery is also considered more polite as it does not leave the rest of the oil in hand. If you enjoy it with a fork and a knife, slice the pizza first until the size fits perfectly for a bite. This method is cleaner and more polite, although often considered to make the delicacy of pizza is reduced. Visit our website and find out what time does pizza hut close.


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