The Goodness of Insurance That Closed By Myth

Many people think wrong about insurance or cure buying insurance because it has a bad experience. Some feel “stuck” to buy insurance because of the seduction of the agent who is a friend, relative, or even ex-girlfriend. Some feel that the agent is only helpful at the beginning but after that handoff. Not infrequently also customers feel the process of complicated claims or the value of benefits is not sufficient. A number of these experiences make people reluctant to buy insurance. In fact, not buying insurance is the same as endangering the future of your family members. Because by using a qualified insurance agent that you can find at landlord information. Well, identify the following myths so you can feel the benefits of insurance for your life!

1. Young people do not need insurance
In fact, no one knows the limits of our age. If you are installing a house or a vehicle, then you need to protect yourself with life insurance that provides a guarantee of debt closure when the customer dies. This benefit is certainly needed by anyone, whether young or old, whether single or married. Insurance also helps young people to protect themselves from financial risks if one-day illness and health insurance owned at this time are not sufficient.

2. No need to buy insurance if there is an allowance from the office
We cannot predict when we will be able to continue working in an office and enjoy the benefits. If the office where you work provides a one-year medical benefit such as one month’s salary, then it is a positive incentive for you. But do not forget, you cannot predict whether you will continue to work in the office or move and quit working in the future. Generally, the office does not provide insurance for employees who work under one year’s service. Then note also that there is a possibility we are exposed to critical illnesses that require a greater cost of the ceiling provided by the office. It is at this time following personal insurance to protect you from greater financial difficulties in the future.


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