How to Play Futsal

In futsal matches, not only individual skills of each player are required but a team strategy and tactics become absolutely necessary for the creation of a solid team game resulting in a smooth and synergistic cooperation in building an attack on the opponent. In terms of futsal strategy and tactics is very closely related to the figure of a coach who led him in giving direction and instructions to his players related to the pattern of attack, survive and so forth. Some basic techniques in playing futsal that must be controlled by each player are how to pass the ball, control techniques, herd, shoot and feed the ball of the stomach. Get the best futsal ball brand by visiting our website.

– Passing Technique
In futsal game the technique of passing the ball is a must for every player, considering that throughout the game this technique is dominantly used because of the size of the futsal field is small so that the tactics and strategy of the game more use passing techniques in build variation of attack. How to pass the ball well and correctly in this technique of passing futsal there are several kinds of them are the passing using the inner legs, outside and using the heel.

– Control Technique
In the futsal game, the technique is also very important to master the ability to hold or control the ball. Controlling is one of the basic techniques in a game that a player possesses when receiving bait ball from his friend to be able to be stopped and controlled properly. How to control the right ball can be done using the inner legs, the outside or with the soles of the inner foot. In addition to footwear, players can also control the ball with the chest, thighs and other body parts (other than the hand) to stop and control the movement of the ball. How to control the ball is most often used in the game is by controlling with his feet, so skill players to master this technique becomes absolutely necessary.

– Chipping Technique
In futsal, the technique is almost the same as passing the only difference lies in chipping wearing the upper legs of the shoe end and being kicked about the bottom of the ball. Chipping is a game technique that is done to throw the ball to rise up when kicked with the tip of his foot so as to be able to pass the opposing player. This ball technique can be used to feed the ball to a teammate or to fool the player when facing one on one and can also to enter the ball into the opposing goal when dealing directly with the goalkeeper.


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