Lens Tints of sunglasses

I just know if each color sunglasses have its own function, not just to hold the glare. I used to choose color based on taste or mood. For example again girly really select the pink. If you want to look vintage select chocolate. It turns out different color different function in absorbing light, and the same rule goes for the best elliptical under 500.

Let’s check them one by one:

Gray and Green:

Its function is to reduce the lighting / glare without changing the original color of the object or the view that we see. Sunglasses with color lenses is suitable for those who travel via the land by bringing their own car. Make a really fitting for driving. Okay to wear all day.


Reduces glare including the frequency of blue rays, enhancing visual contrast or sharpness against the green and blue colors such as grass and sky. Matches are brought to vacation activities such as the difference, water sports, the difference, and golf.

Yellow / Orange:

Increases visual acuity in low-light and foggy conditions. Objects will appear more clearly both indoor and outdoor. But these lenses distort the colors, so what we see from these sunglasses can be the same as the original color.

Rose / Red / Pink:

I think this is the most widely used glasses for women. Because the color is girly biggest. Its function is to block the reflection of blue light in the sun. Increases visual acuity as well. Most suitable for long periods of time compared to other lens colors. Can also be used too long in front of the screen laptop / PC because this color lens will reduce eyestrain and glare from the reflection of light that is too bright.


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