Make Navigation Menu Becoming Very Clear by Applying These Principles

The website is certainly a thing that many people have today. Many people who use the website for something that can provide benefits to them. However, for those of you who feel that creating a website is a difficult thing, then you can visit to get the right tutorial to create a website.

A website will usually have a major component that will facilitate visitors in exploring the contents of the website. one of the important components is the search form, where visitors can type the keywords you want to search. Another important part is navigation. This component will help visitors find the content they need. For this, there are some principles that you need to know in order to make a good website navigation.

1. Simplicity
Simplicity in navigation must be designed and made in such a way that makes visitors can go to the page he wants just in just click. Complicated navigation will only confuse visitors and they will find it very difficult to find the page they want.

2. Consistency
Here, the navigation system should be applied correctly. If you put the navigation menu on the left side of the main page, then the navigation menu should be in the same section on the next pages. Consistency becomes an important thing to note in order to avoid the visitors feel confused when entering the website you have. In color and shape should also be cultivated to have the same characteristics, so visitors will be easier to explore the website.

3. Clarity
A navigation menu must also be made very clear so that users do not have to guess the meaning of each option in the navigation menu. a fatal thing done by some people makes the navigation menu does not match the content in it. This will only make visitors leave your website. Any choice on the navigation menu should be clear to visitors.


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