You Need To Know, This Carpet Type Can Beautify Your Home!

Carpets can beautify a room. By rolling out the carpet, the room will feel more alive and even more elegant. But with the installation of carpet means you also have to pay attention to cleanliness with routine washing every 6 months at a professional carpet wash like you can find at

Different carpet materials mean different sensations and atmosphere that can be created by him. From the original to the synthetic, this is the carpet material you need to know, complete with how to care for it!

1. Polypropylene
Polypropylene or PP is a synthetic material. The texture is smooth and the price is affordable. The disadvantage is the color that fades quickly, also the threads that form the carpet easily loose. For this material, you can wash it with water.

2. Sisal
This material comes from a plant called sisal. Nature is natural because it is even more rich texture. This carpet is also safer to use. For treatment, sisal carpets cannot be washed with water. Just use a vacuum cleaner to clean this type of carpet

3. Wool
Wool material is very convenient to use and unsightly. The price is expensive but worth the advantage. The woolen carpet is not easy to deflate. Its thickness is durable, so is its color. A wool material can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or with dry cleaning.


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