How To Overcome Porous Teeth

When a toothache, a person tends to pull teeth as soon as possible to relieve the pain. If you dare to go to the dentist, then the dentist will see the condition of the tooth first. If it can still be maintained, then the doctor will do the sick dental treatment. If the affected tooth is already hollow, the dentist will advise for root canal treatment. To relieve pain, the tooth nerve will be turned off first by Spring Oaks Dental.

Once turned off, the teeth will no longer hurt because the doctor has lifted the pulp tissue that has inflammation or infection. Pulp tissue consists of blood vessels and nerves that supply nutrients from the food we consume every day and are very sensitive to the condition of teeth that we feel. Thus, when the pulp tissue is removed, our teeth will not get nutrients and die.

After the dental treatment, patients will be advised to pair dentures porcelain or crown porcelain, whether layered zirconia or metal-coated topped with porcelain colored similar to the original tooth color. If the condition of the tooth is no longer maintained, the tooth should be removed.


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