Playing Games on Laptops? Consider These Things!

Lately, there are so many ways to play games. One of them is to buy a powerful laptop to play games to play wherever we are. However, gaming laptops usually have a relatively expensive price with a specification that is suitable for playing games. Visit our website to get the best portable gaming laptops.

Many people say that for gaming affairs, it’s better to use a PC than a laptop. One of the advantages of PC is the ease of upgrade. However, laptops also have a plus, one of which is simple, efficient, and easy to carry. For this time, we will discuss how to choose a good gaming laptop so we can play games that we want to play at break time.

1. Look at the VGA chipset series, not the big VGA memory

The mistake people make when buying a laptop, that is seeing a large memory of a VGA or VRAM than its chipset. Though that need to be paid is the chipset. For example, NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M. The first digit shows its generation, meaning its generation is generation 7. The second and third digits indicate the grade level or performance. The higher, the better the performance. The most noticed are the second and third digits. We compare it with the 635M series. Although the generation is below but has a better performance than the 720M.

2. Do not ignore the role of processor

Many people prioritize VGA over Processor. Actually not wrong, but it should be noted that the role of the processor cannot be underestimated because more and more games that perform complex calculations on the processor. In addition, many cores owned processor that can lighten the rendering process.

3. Large RAM owned by Laptop

The greater the RAM owned, the more smoothly multitasking process. Do not be too preoccupied with the clock speed of RAM because the average game is currently more priority to RAM capacity than clock speed.


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