Preparation for maintaining your health while studying in the UK

The best way to minimize the impact of the disease is to make preparations first. If your course in the UK lasts more than 6 months, then you will get the same health care as the UK resident. NHS will provide free medical care for those in need. When you enter the UK, you should have a medical certificate explaining that you have received the required injections. If you are from a vulnerable area of TB, then you should have an x-ray photo of the chest. This document should be prepared in your luggage, as the immigration authorities may want you to show these documents. Don’t forget to take the B1 English test if you want to get the visa.

If you are undergoing treatment, you also need a full health report on your health condition, as well as the medical treatment you are currently carrying along with the prescription medications you are taking. This health report should be translated into English and legalized by your doctor. Upon arriving in the UK you may need to give this report to a doctor in the UK to get the appropriate treatment.

Upon arriving in the UK you need to submit these health documents to a GP. Bring a copy of your residence lease with your student ID. After completing the requested forms, you will receive an NHS card. Bring this card at all times.

The general practitioner where you are applying is the first person you should contact for non-urgent medical attention.


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