The survival kits for your emergency shelter

Survival kits categorized in the category of “shelter”, there are some materials that are recommended to place or make emergency protection, and can be used in all geographical areas. The options that are often included in this survival gearare:

Space Blanket / Survival Blanket / Emergency Blanket / Emergency Thermal Blanket, which is a blanket made of thin polyester material coated with aluminum, this blanket is waterproof and can withstand body heat, in addition, can be used as a heat retarder, because it is coated with a layer of aluminum, space blanket this can function as a reflector and goods that are very easily seen from the height or from far away, so as to have a function as a signal survival kit,

Poncho Lightweight, thin and waterproof, used for protection against wind and rain,

“Tent tube” or “bivvy bag”, in Asia is better known and often used is sleeping bag,

Tarp with grommets (either nylon or polyester) are tarpaulins or tents with an eye hole around, in south-east Asia, it’s better known to be used for reception or tent tents for street hawkers. its function as a material to make bivouac,

Head Protector (Hats, full of / balaclava, caps),


Large plastic garbage bags that can be used as ponchos or protection of the cube if no more equipment avoids the body of usable water,

Ax / Knife Telah / Parang, which can be used for self-defense when there is disturbance from wild animals or something else, and can also be used to obtain materials to build an emergency shelter from tree trunks, twigs, and leaves.


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