Take advantage of the Internet

Make the internet your place to compete. After college, you will no longer be surprised by the rigors of competition in the world of work. Being a student seems to be too flat if only struggling with lectures, textbooks, and slides of course material. In addition to participating inter or extra campus organizations, try also to start actively seeking info-info competition for students. The field can be adjusted with the passion you have. To get the best internet access, you can visit

If you love to write, do not hesitate to follow authorship competitions such as essays, scientific papers, short stories/novels, and others. Or do you have a hobby of debate? There are now many national and international debate competitions held. Usually, the most effective way to update the competition info is by joining a Facebook group or following a Twitter account that contains related information. Why is competition important for students? Because we have to realize that the world of work that we will face post-lecture full of the aroma of competition.

If we have been trained to compete with the students, not only experience and skill that continues to grow but within us will also form a strong mental. The competition also trains us to not be easily satisfied with the results obtained today. So happy surfing and competing!


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