Tips for Saving Children from Electrical Hazards

The most dangerous and often touched by children is the outlet, cables, and plugs. Therefore, keep your child away from these things. Unplug all unused cables and plug the plug with a plastic protector. To perform electrical installation in your home, you can contact act right electrical. There are some rules for children to avoid the danger of affordable electricity at home. Free flow of electricity, can cause a fire at home. Listen to the safety rules that you must know so that your child and yourself are protected from electrical hazards:

1. Do not unplug the cord
Do not unplug something by holding the cord. Take the head of the plug to remove it from the socket. Do not forget to check every cable. If there is a torn cable replace it as soon as possible. Do not allow children to unplug and plug in electronic items without your supervision.

2. Avoid water
Do not place electronic household appliances in areas that are wet or prone to moisture. Water can cause electrical short circuit. In case of fire, do not attempt to extinguish the fire with water without extinguishing the power supply. Never touch appliances or electronic items with wet hands. It keeps you away from the shock. Do not allow children to swim when it rains with lightning.

3. Turn off the power supply
If you want to replace a dead light bulb, make sure the power supply is off. Use gloves or dry cloth to avoid direct contact with the outlet.

4. Beware of power lines
Children love climbing trees. Check the tree if there is a power cord around it. If the child is playing with a stick, give directions to avoid places that have power lines that are reachable by the stick. Electricity can flow through an electrically flowing object. If you find a power cord falls off, do not touch anything affected by the cable. Inform the problem immediately to the appropriate authorities in order not to harm anyone.


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