What is the Benefit of Napping?

1. Calming the nerves and reducing stress
Napping around 90 minutes can calm the nerves that are often affected because of daily activities. Too much work makes the brain tenser because of too much thinking. With a nap can optimize all organs of the body to be able to re-live activities smoothly. But if this way still cannot relieve stress that you feel it would be better if you consult at in order to get the maximum treatment.

2. Reduce blood pressure
The Journal of Applied Physiology research report shows that napping can help in reducing blood pressure. Even more than 37% of patients have received health benefits from napping. In addition, a nap can also reduce the risk of heart disease so one of the most dominant factors of hypertension or high blood pressure.

3. Increase Memory
Naps are common for improving brain memory and most research is done to support the factor, especially for children and the elderly. For the elderly (elderly) with the increasing age, usually memory of the past will be much forgotten, memory is reduced. As for children, it can improve the brain to remember something.


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